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Jan 16, 2013 6:00am PST
of the earnings reports and economic news coming in. >>> time now 6:52. about those energy drinks an alarming new study. what some scientists are saying now. about whether the drinks are good for you. >>> plus new developments in a dramatic rescue we've been watching. a woman stuck between two walls in portland, oregon. take a look at the rescue going on right now. >>> time now 6:55. the following new developments portland, oregon fire crews live pictures trying to rescue a woman trapped between two walls. those are concrete walls in the past 30 minutes they have made progress. they used a saw. they cut a hole through that concrete wall. you can see them reaching through now. the woman has been trapped behind there since 3:45 this morning. reportedly she fell off a balcony, got stuck in a foot and a half space between the wall of a building and parking garage. we are keeping an eye on this rescue happening in portland, oregon. we'll bring you another update in 15 minutes. >>> the number of people sent to emergency rooms because of energy drinks has doubled. that is according to a new study over f
Jan 15, 2013 6:00am PST
this pattern and the energy will take the path of least resistance and it is called uncutting. -- undercutter. that will be towards the end of the month and the pattern will change eventually but right now the pressure is definitely large and in charge and the temperatures are lower than in alaska, it is incredible. 32 calistoga, i'm sure there are colder temperatures not far, walnut creek is in the 20s pleasanton 27 lafayette 29 alameda 29. morgan hill and gilroy are in the 20s. around palo alto and menlo park i saw 28 or 29 degrees and it is very cold. foster city is 31 degrees and it is mostly sunny, you can see the direction of an offshore breeze and if it was summertime it would be very hot but because of that breeze it makes it really cool in napa county and contra costa county but even in oakland and santa cruz is 57 degrees. it will get a little warmer and our afternoon highs will start to come in and temperatures near the bay, low-to-mid 60s. >>> 6:09, it is dangerously cold for the homeless. people delivered blankets in downtown san jose and they are worried about the dangers from f
Jan 18, 2013 6:00am PST
today. the group is looking to take the energy from the president's reelection campaign and turn it into support. first up the group will encourage supporters to push congress on the president's proposals for tighter gun control. >>> scalpers trying to profit from their inaugust tickets will be blocked from using craigs list and e-bay. the website has agreed to remove listings at the request of new york senator charles schumer. according to the committee some scalpers posted tickets asking for thousands of dollars. 250,000 tickets were given out for free from congressional offices. ktvu will have live coverage of the president obama's inauguration beginning on sunday. ken and tori will be there in washington, d.c.. look for their live report starting with mornings on 2. >>> just for pam cook some of san francisco's most famous residents sell a bait a birthday this weekend. 23 years ago pam the sea lions first showed up at pier 39. and to mark the anniversary there will be free walking tours if you want to go out and learn more about the sea lions. the tours are from 11:00 in the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3